June 21, 2011


Proving that they stand for nothing, GOP talking heads are now claiming that Afghanistan is suddenly Obama's war. He IS the president during war time. But except for the dying/dead breed of fiscal conservatives, Republicans ALWAYS want more war unless Obama's involved. So republican core principles mean nothing when someone in a different party agrees with them before an election. Absurd!

I guess all politicians have to take the popular position or not get re-elected. New polls suggest that 56% now frown on this war--the highest percentage ever. But I puke to hear pols say that the people are war-weary so we should now exit. No, we should get out because we have no collective clue what the fuck we're doing over there and it we did, few would support it. Poor us! We never cared to familiarize ourselves with the fact that our "surge" was lasting a really long time and not working but now we're tired of it.

Even worse? The notion that we should leave Afghanistan because we can't AFFORD the war anymore. Poor us! We're too broke to "play death" right now.

Even worse? We're now too weary and broke to carry on in Afghanistan but at least we had a reason to go in THERE--catching Al Qaeda. With Osama caught in Pakistan, we now want out of Afghanistan's "forgotten war." But we need some ginkgo biloba in the water supply if we've forgotten the other war over in Iraq--the one we started based on lies, remember? Some serious loss of memory around here.

Obama will speak on his Afghanistan policy update tomorrow night at 8PM. Ron Reagan claimed on MSNBC tonight that we're occupying Afghanistan and Iraq because both flank our enemy Iran. I don't know if that's true, but it's time to start discussing this frankly if it's keeping us in a war we no longer care for and can't afford. Ron asked if anyone actually thought it'd be worth it for us to build schools over in Afghanistan when we're hurting over here. I doubt if Obama will be so open. But we all know that we haven't been paying attention to the progress of these two long, questionable occupations. Not only are they being fought with your money, they're being fought in your name. So while we're at it, let's get out of both! You wouldn't want to be the last sucker featuring war, now would you?