June 10, 2011


Obama is contemplating steeper troop reductions in Afghanistan than his national security advisers contemplated. 1 factor is the cost of America's longest war. "We have a $1.5 trillion deficit. We're spending $100 billion a year on Afghanistan. A lot of it goes to rebuild that country," Bernie said. "You know what? I know a great country that needs to rebuild its roads, bridges and schools. That country is the USA."

If you watch this, listen to the bogus reasoning form the military guy who warns that drawing down troops would would undo the gains made in Afghanistan at such a high price to the troops. HUNGH? What gains? We caught Osama in a different country! And if the troops' are so precious to this guy, send them home! Why keep them there to get shot down and bombed while trying to build schools? If they want a military base over there then just say it. Don't pretend you value what the troops' sacrifice in a pointless military occupation where they are using them as construction workers.