March 08, 2011


SOME BRILLIANT REPORTING BY RACHEL MADDOW ON MSNBC LAST NIGHT. Especially the part about Tim Phillips and Ralph Reed, who assisted jailed lobbyist/crook Jack Abramoff. Tim is still doing his crooked thing while Jack's in jail. The duo's schtick is to trick their dumb audience--ie republican fundamentalists--into getting whipped up over something which they actually would slam if they weren't so skillfully manipulated by tricksters like this.

Now this gang is helping the mega-rich Koch oil barons mount phony "grass roots" protests against labor in the Wisconsin debacle, which isn't working like their health care protests/tea party movement did. (It actually managed to get candidates elected, which even the Republican party now regrets becuse it isn't that extreme. Rachel's two past examples are shockers and show how easily we are manipulated if we don't keep up on these things:

One of Abramoff's clients was a casino. So this gang whipped up Christian outrage against their own casino client to ensure that no other casinos were built. So there was no competition for the casino they rep'ed and profits soared. Clever, but diabolical.

A scandal in the Marianos Islands, which I guess are considered US territory, arose when it was learned that not only were there sweat shop conditions for the chinese laborers but that the workers were routinely forced in prostitution and abortions! To prevent an outcry against pitiful working conditions in the Islands, which were Abramoff's clients, these schmucks pacified the dummies on the religious right by assuring them that Jesus was being introduced to these heathens. As Maddow points out, presumably between forcing them into prostitution and abortions.

Rachel puts it much better than I do. Absolutely fascinating and the next clip delves deeper into the Koch Brothers $ influencing American politics.

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