March 07, 2011


Never seen this. Dem lawmakers in Indiana and Wisconsin have fled their states to avoid voting on the unpopular agendas of recently elected GOP govs. The Indiana gov wants to strip teachers of their rights and today called them "privileged elite." TEACHERS? Maybe we should figure out how unpopular and shitty for the average worker the GOP ALWAYS is for average Americans before voting these trolls in?

I can't just blame the republicans. Democrats didn't state their case of who they are on anything from health care to getting the fuck out of two unpopular wars we're losing and one we never should have entered into. And because the blue dog/conservative dems were so conservative (ie corrupt) that they weren't even democrat. Now the average person is suffering and they are wondering how the GOP can continue to attack workers in hard times. So they are coming around and talking about recalling some of these crummy republicans. Wouldn't it be easier to just pay a little more attention? It doesn't take much to know that the GOP ONLY licks corporations ass and is never pro-labor.

MSNBC reported on the new Florida governor who campaigned on reducing the deficit. He gets into office and slashes 1 1/2 billion for schools. But none of it goes to reduce the deficit because he also gave away almost every cent of that $ to... corporate tax breaks and property taxes--ie to the wealthier among us. Just like the national repubs who campaigned on jobs because that's what we wanted to hear and have been busy with abortion and redefining rape. Oh, and repealing health care even though Obamacare is supposed to eventually reduce the deficit.