January 19, 2011


Today, Republicans in the House will try to repeal health care reform. If it passes, it can't pass the Senate and Obama won't sign it. So in a crisis, wasting time is what the GOP has in store. They claim that the reforms kill jobs because we're so stupid that we'll believe they're the party of job creation. Except for one minor detail: health care reform doesn't kill jobs! And the GOP is the party which supports corporations outsourcing American jobs overseas--not creating them here!

A pundit on MSNBC last night admitted that Obama is not planning to focus on job creation because he won't curtail corporations either. Even though anyone who creates jobs will get re-elected. I guess he has his donors lined up to drum countless propaganda ads into our heads so that we think things are better. And he can make a great speech. Too bad my landlord doesn't accept his speeches as payment.