January 05, 2011


Even Texas oilman George W. Bush admitted that we had to wean ourselves off of our addiction to oil. And though offshore drilling in the US only provides a small fraction of our oil fix, the profits which these companies make are clearly more important than the environment to our soulless reps in DC. For Christ's sake, we're still cleaning up the last spill!

What's in and What's out in the Oil Damaged Gulf by Rocky Kistner

"Today, the oil industry continues to push drilling pipe into the seabed, sucking up hydrocarbons to power our oil addicted economy and leading us further down the destructive path of global climate change. But Gulf residents are not the only ones to blame. It’s all of us. We have permitted the oil and gas industry to maintain a strangle-hold on our politicians and block clean energy solutions that will not only create new jobs but make the planet healthier for us all. It's time to change that."