December 07, 2010


Well, we seem to be a step closer to stepping in something pretty unpleasant. The outline of a deal on tax cuts is taking shape. This outline is like of one of those chalk outlines at a crime scene. And I think this crime scene is the one where the Democrats got run over by a truck. This tax cut deal has the potential to be the most distasteful deal since Monty Hall retired. We should have gone for the display case that Carol Merrill was standing beside. The compromise being discussed would extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich in exchange for an extension of unemployment benefits. There’s a great deal—hundreds of billions for the rich in exchange for crumbs for the middle class. It’s like they want us to buy all the rich people another Rolls Royce, and then maybe they’ll be willing to give us enough unemployment to buy a bus pass for another month. Great deal. An extension of unemployment benefits in exchange for billions in tax cuts for the rich… the Republicans will agree to do what any sane government would do during a recession, as long as we’re willing to also do the absolute stupidest thing we could possibly do during a recession.