December 06, 2010


Obama just announced a compromise on tax cuts. Dems want cuts for the middle class as well as a continuation of unemployment benefits. To get these, they gave Repugnicans tax cuts for the 2% highest earners. 1 is the party of the people. 1 is the party of idiots who care more about the wealthiest Americans than themselves in a recession.

You don't have money and you probably never will get near the top 2%. Especially not in this recession. So for most republicans, why are you voting for the rich when you aren't and never will be? Because you're too dumb to know the difference.


The compromise being discussed would extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich in exchange for an extension of unemployment benefits. There’s a great deal—hundreds of billions for the rich in exchange for crumbs for the middle class. It’s like they want us to buy all the rich people another Rolls Royce, and then maybe they’ll be willing to give us enough unemployment to buy a bus pass for another month. Great deal. An extension of unemployment benefits in exchange for billions in tax cuts for the rich… the Republicans will agree to do what any sane government would do during a recession, as long as we’re willing to also do the absolute stupidest thing we could possibly do during a recession.