December 02, 2010


Republican legislators said we need to wait for the commission on DADT's results before repealing the policy. Now the commission's findings and 70% of service people polled back the repeal. And even say it hurts the military to not include gays. So now republicans choose to ignore the commission they were supposedly waiting to hear from? Even though keeping DADT compromises national security? If we had a real news media, they would grill republicans by asking "How could you go back on your word and AND make us less safe? No one can explain the Republican's position on this because like their position on job creation, it don't make no kinda sense.

Furthermore, since no Republican supports the appeal or gay marriage, I just don't see how anyone can say "I am a gay republican" without saying that:

a) I am a gay who doesn't care about my own rights and enjoy being a second class citizen.


b) I am a gay who may support my own rights on the back burner but keeping poor people poor and enriching the mega-rich trumps any concern I have for my own people.

If there's another way of looking at it, please enlighten me, And here is an amazing clip from last night's Rachel Maddow Show in which an eloquent former Secretary of the Army makes an argument I've never heard but which is stunningly simple and dead-on: that the premise of DADT is asking people to lie about their sexuality and anything involving lying can't be honorable. Clifford Alexander calls inaction on repealing DADT absurdity. May I suggest that for the spineless, half-assed, identity crisis-riddled democratic party is equally absurd for wanting to bend toward a party which consistently makes no sense? But that's what you have to do in order to win the votes of "low information voters" who don't have the ability to weigh up facts. Why don't we just kill public education so that the 2 + 2 confounds our pea brains. That's already in the works on the Republican side.

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