November 05, 2010


Simon, How did you first discover Jacqueline Susann?

Growing up in the U.K. and seeing movies like Harold Robbins' "The Carpetbaggers" and then "Valley," I got the distinct impression that contemporary sexuality was an American invention. Glossy, luxurious sexiness was totally missing from the Brit landscape. Then I saw the famous Diane Arbus photo of Jackie sitting on her husband's hairy thigh and I thought: "Oh! Now I totally get it! It's all about SWINGING!"

How was Jackie perceived in the U.K.?

American broads always seemed to be much more tarty than their U.K. equivalents. Ditto J.S. In the U.S. you had Jackie with her rock-hard bee-hive and lashes - in the U.K. we had Iris Murdoch in a tweed skirt and bowl haircut. I guess we had Barbara Cartland, but she was sort of in a category all by herself.

As Creative Director of Barneys, you are in charge of all the windows for the store. What would an homage to Jackie look like