November 19, 2010


Again, I'm agreeing with the tea party. House REPUBLICANS are calling on Gen Petraeus to give a progress report. Buck McKeon, a tea partier, wants the war to end because he objects to government spending including our bloated war budget. I want the war to end on principle but I'll take any ally I can get. However, the Pentagon says that they are too busy to testify. An insider quoted below claims that the real reason is there's no success to report. So let's stay on in Afghanistan for another year and then they'll testify. Even if we're still losing in a year, the contractors will have had another year of profitable gigs which you and I will pay for. It's a good thing we're not in a recession pinching pennies or anything like that. We've all got plenty of $ to spare, right? Why don't we just wait until the new 2014 exit date and evaluate the war after it ends?

McKeon's Right: Petraeus Must Testify on Afghan Review