October 28, 2010



Alan Cumming recently wrote that he was so fed up with democrats inaction on gay issues that he was tempted to note vote in the mid-term elections. This comes after two years of hearing gays whine “I voted for Hillary” whenever someone gripes about Obama. Well, Hillary isn’t running in the approaching mid-terms. So stop being such babies and deal with the choices in front of you. Or prepare to lose…BIG.

A low turn-out is predicted but there’s so much at stake. If we stay home because we’re dissatisfied with Obama, the Democrats, the economy (which Bush, not Obama left in tatters), the fact that DADT hasn’t been repealed or that we can’t get married, we could allow the tea party to elect candidates to represent their districts. But once in office, they won’t just be making laws for their districts. They’ll be voting on issues that affect the whole country.

I’m disenchanted with the Obama administration and the current Congress, too. But I’ll take disenchanted over petrified any day—and that’s what I am of tea party candidates. If your primary agenda is repealing DADT and allowing same-sex marriage, you can kiss both of these goodbye if they triumph. No, Obama hasn’t repealed DADT but he has promised it’s repeal on his watch. And he’s kept most of his promises so far. How many republicans lawyers support it’s repeal or even pay lip service to it?

And Christine O’Donnell, the tea party candidate from Delaware, considers masturbation to be adultery. How do you think this nut views gays’ right to marry? Or hell, to even exist? Many tea party candidates, like Christine, are so viciously anti-abortion that they’d force a rape victim, even ones who is impregnated by a relative, to give birth to that child. Forget about your baby daddy and imagine the shame of your daddy’s baby. Most on both sides of the aisle would agree that zero tolerance for abortion is an incredibly extreme and heartless position.

But the tea party’s lunacy doesn’t stop there. Bloomberg magazine’s new cover article asks “Why Business Doesn’t Trust The Tea Party”. Usually, Republicans are tireless supporters of big business. Yet the tea party has it’s nose buried so deep in a misreading of the Bible that they can’t even create policies appealing to the corporate world! After pocketing a boatload of corporate campaign contributions!

Nor are they pulling for the average joe. Common tea party demands are to end the not perfect but better-than-nothing ObamaCare, along with social security and minimum wage. WHO THE HELL WOULDN’T WANT A MINIMUM WAGE? Hmmm, I can’t think of anyone, except possible a disgruntled mob of gun-toting, racist evangelicals who want to take back their country from a president who they still believe is a muslim not born in the US.

Even the garden-variety Republicans dismissed these turds as too far out--until they started winning primaries. Now the GOP is funneling a fortune into backing their campaigns. Remember Sue Lowdon, the republican candidate who became a national laughing stock after suggesting that we fix health care by returning to the days when we traded chickens with our doctors? After that ridiculous claim, she lost the nomination to Sharron Angle, who actually wants to outlaw booze—and she’s representing Nevada, home of Las Vegas? This freak looks likely to unseat current House leader Harry Reid and she’s so deranged that many top Nevada republicans have endorsed her democratic opponent. HELP!

We can’t permit the most extreme brand of Republican to arise in decades to gain ground in Congress. For better or for worse, Democrats are the party which leans more toward supporting gay rights in general. They’re in deep trouble because everyone’s broke and people tend to blame the party in power. Even in a robust economy, mid-term elections tend to unseat incumbents. But just look at the freak show which is waiting in the wings if you don’t exercise your vote. Staying home is simply not an option. Pressing the democrats who remain in office on gay issues after the mid-terms is a wonderful idea—but you can’t do that if there are too few left in Congress to enact the changes you want.

If we don't band together to prevent a massive tea party victory, then as Keith Olbermann said in his Special Comment last night, we'll come to think of Obama's frustrating first two years as the good ol' days.