September 13, 2010


I have been so crazed with work that I haven't turned on the news. Didn't even know that there were NY State elections. Here is a run-down of candidates recommended by the Empire State Pride Agenda. In NYC, we forget that we live in a liberal bubble and that it's very different in the rest of this sometimes conservativ...e state. So if you are gay and wanna get married or, this could be very important for you.

Every vote will count!
Tomorrow’s Primary Election could impact LGBT equality and justice in New York
State for years to come. Can you really afford to sit this one out?

The Empire State Pride Agenda has endorsed 20 pro-LGBT champions for tomorrow’s primary.

Vote Sen. Eric Schneiderman for Attorney General tomorrow.

Find out if we’ve endorsed a Senate or Assembly candidate in your district. Check our Primary Election Guide >

Sen. Eric Schneiderman has been a tireless advocate for the rights of LGBT New Yorkers and our families. As a State Senator, he has always gone above and beyond for equality:
advocating for us in his district, marshalling pro-LGBT votes from his
colleagues, leading floor debates on marriage equality, and taking the
initiative to sponsor pro-LGBT legislation. As attorney general , he
will never back down in the pursuit of justice. We encourage you to vote
for him and our other endorsements in tomorrow’s primary election.
We need all LGBT New Yorkers and our supporters tomorrow.

Check out our Primary Election Guide, listed below, and share with everyone you know in the state who cares about equality and justice. If you're not sure, you can find out your district at our action center, or find out for a friend.

Don’t forget to go out and vote tomorrow, September 14 in the Primary
Election for the candidates who will go to Albany and fight for the LGBT
community and our issues!

HERE IS EMPIRE STATE PRIDE AGENDA'S LIST OF CANDIDATES IN EVERY NY STATE REGION WHO ARE STRONG ON GLBT ISSUES. (In truth, I have no clue what these candidates stance on other issues are so check that out.)