August 15, 2010


According to an article in NY Daily News, Michelle Obama is a modern day Marie Antoinette who is jetting off to Spain in a Gaulthier dress while the rest of the country pinches pennies in a recession. Why don't they go ahead and call her an uppity n(gger? Would the author of this piece be happier if she took a Greyhound to the Jersey Shore in a burlap sack? No, then they'd squawk that she's trashy, ghetto, poorly dressed and not upholding the position of first lady.

Every time you purchase the Daily News, the NY Post or watch Fox you are giving $ to people with a super-conservative agenda which wants to slam anything Obama and obviously his entire family do. Even their vacations! The bizarre thing is that the conservative agenda supports enormous tax cuts for the super-rich while bashing Obama as Marie Antoinette. If we need to take down the Marie Antoinettes in this country, let's share the wealth and have the mega-rich pay a higher percentage of taxes to help those of us who are experiencing financial difficulties. Michelle "Marie" Obama and her husband do support those tax cuts even though they'd have to pay them.