August 13, 2010


Hotel check in names of the stars:

Paris Hilton = Ms Heimen P Diddy = Frank Black Simon Le Bon = Mr
Soft Kate Beckinsale = Sigourney Beaver Tom Cruise = Paul Cruise
Alanis Morissette = Flick Beanyo Britney Spears = Alotta Warmheart
Ricky Martin = Sai Baba George Michael = Hugh Jarss Trent
Reznor = Mr ShIt Dannii Minogue = Pussy Jones Naomi Campbell =
Oprah Noodlemantra Ritchie from 5ive = Eddie Vedder Scott from
5ive = Michael Knight Abs from 5ive = Dr Frank'n'furter

Elle Macpherson

deep_stoat writes: "If you were lucky enough to be invited to Elle
Macpherson's Barbados home for a holiday, chances are one day you'd
all go out on her yacht for a little trip. And while you're off
sailing, Elle will suddenly spot a hidden cove she's never seen
before, with what looks like turtles swimming in it. She'll then
suggest everyone goes and explores. Except it's not undiscovered,
Elle does this on every trip, and the crew have been instructed to
'look surprised' when she spots it. It's quite sweet really."


Julio became the second ever Spanish star to have a number one,
Begin the Beguine in 1981. Julio moved his family to America in 1985,
after his father was kidnapped in Spain. Julio's dad, Julio Snr,
died in 2005 aged 90. He married again in 2001, and had a son when
he was 89. Then a daughter was born in 2006 - seven months after
Julio Snr died. Which means that Julio has a sister who is 63 years
his junior.

Breakfast Buffet

If you ever find that Sylvester Stallone is staying at your hotel, be
very careful at the breakfast buffet. Although he, his wife and
his two daughters eat quietly, Sly's youngest is a bit of a minx.
When she thinks no-one is looking, she has been known to switch
the signs on the fruit and vegetable juices and then walk off.

"When I was sitting in Burger King and 'Holiday' came on,I really felt like I was on a holiday" - Wyclef Jean