July 20, 2010


The dunce queen has done it again. Twice. In the article below she makes a geographical goof while campaigning for a New Hampshire republican candidate. Wait! If she loves politics so much, why did she quit her as governor of Alaska half-way through her first term? Oh, that's right. To make more $ with a book, public speaker, Fox "news" and a reality show. This woman truly does sum up the cheapness of our times.

And she's recently made up a word: refudiate. It's really not such a damnable mistake--refute and repudiate sound alike and have similar meanings. But after blogs snickered about her using the non-existent word, what does she do? Laugh off her mistake? Say I was always better at geography--uh, I mean any subject other than...any other subject? No, this fool actually compares her mistake to Shakespeare's use of made-up words! Darlin', you couldn't name one book or magazine you'd read when asked on a national news show during your campaign to lead the country. You're an idiot! Anyone who likes you is an idiot! But I am so glad that Shakespeare didn't have that god-awful gotcha media in his time. Your poor kindred spirit might never have been so hurt that he'd have never even written one play!