July 02, 2010



The Al Quaeda that we are supposedly fighting in Afghanistan have left. According to General Petraeus the # of Al Quaeda in that country are in the double digits if any! We can't win this! What would a win even be--considering that we're fighting a phantom enemy who left?

We're building schools over there as state-fund...ed summer schools HERE don't have enough funding here to operate this year. Huge corporations are getting rich off of this war and taxpayers are paying $30 billion to allow them to do so. How does this not bother you? Do you like paying taxes to build schools in Afghanistan? How many more bad economic years will we endure before we revolt against this crap and realize that the government isn't serving us? They are robbing us!

We sit back and support $30 billion more for this sh(t? Money aside, do we not care anymore about the soldiers who will die for nothing? NOTHING EXCEPT KEEPING THE MILITARY/INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX ALIVE. They'll gladly sacrifice soldiers' lives to keep their profits coming in. I'd rather see the soldiers cleaning up oil in the gulf.

Congress can appropriate $30 billion for this hoax and then leave for summer vacation. By the time they return, 2 million people's unemployment benefits will have expired. I say we're in a crisis so force them to work throughout the summer. And sorry Obama, allotting $30 billion to and appointing a hawk like Petraeus to keep this hollow war going is not change I can believe in. Nor is allowing these unemployment benefits expire. What are these 2 million people supposed to do? Beg in the f#cking streets? America is becoming a very ugly place. Or maybe I'm just realizing how ugly it's always been.