July 01, 2010


After Sarah Palin made her well-received initial speech and was hailed as the savior of the GOP, she was interviewed by journalists who proved to the nation that Sarah was a complete moron by asking her "tough" questions like what newspapers and mags she read. To lessen the sting to Palin's rep and place the blame on t...he media, a new term was created: gotcha media. This refers to reporters who ask questions intending to trick you. In the case of Palin, that wasn't hard to do.

Since quitting political office halfway through her term, Palin has remained an influential political figure by avoiding gotcha media and weighing in directly to her followers via twitter and facebook.

Now a new dunce queen of the republican/tea party (what's the difference?) has emerged: Sharron Angle of Nevada. After initially granting interviews only to Fox and other conservative news outlets, she has finally allowed herself to be challenged by a real reporter. Even before this her views were alarming--she actually wants to bring back prohibition IN NEVADA, HOME OF LAS VEGAS? Dream on, honey.

But now the gotcha media has Sharron on record claiming that the jobless are spoiled, that the separation of church and state is not in the Constitution and that abortion should be legal under no circumstances. Even if a youngster is raped and impregnated by her father, this fool claims that since she's a christian, we should "have a little faith"! Have a little faith that what, you idiot? That god is going to intervene and abort the child himself? That the child forced to carry her dad's baby won't be, a la Precious, scarred for life? That the baby won't develop any of the symptoms associated with
inbreeding, which Sharron looks as if she might be a victim of?

I beg you to watch this clip and observe how truly freaky and dangerous the republican party can be. Of course, every party has it's wacky outer fringes with ideas that would seem cuckoo to mainstream America, but Sharron is a tea-partier republican. She's not that far off from the mainstream republican agenda--she's just too stupid to hide the fact that she, like many other republicans, want to abolish social security.

Perhaps the sickest thing of all is that while this reporter is reducing her arguments to mud, she maintains a twisted smile. Every time they cut to a clip in which she knows good and well she's said something which will seem bizarre to most people, she maintains that demented smile. Unless she is a complete simpleton, which I'm not ruling out, I imagine that she's been coached by her handlers to stay sunny no matter what. To her followers who are unable or don't even care to understand basic issues, her unfailing smile will make it seem like the gotcha media is crucifying this nice, christian woman in a pretty blue jacket. I guess it comforts them that she's not an elite capable of defending her outlandish positions. In the way that Bush's speech impediment comforted morons who couldn't pronounce nuclear themselves.

And for a little perspective, may I remind you that Sharron won the republican primary after the former republican front runner was universally reviled for her suggestion that we barter chickens for health care as in the olden days.