June 17, 2010


Yesterday, liberal talk sow host Randi Rhodes claimed that the only liberals who were griping about Obama's handling of the oil spill were the ones who had been hoodwinked into thinking that he was a messiah. I'm guilty of that. But after two punishing, soul-destroying terms of Bush, I needed I f#cking messiah! So maybe I drank the kool-aid and now I'm angry that Obama's more of a centrist who's never really going to take corporations to task. It'll be business as usual with politicians on both sides advocating policies to aid the corporations which donated the most to their campaigns. Our system is broken.

Randi claims that liberals whining about Obama are impractical. He is forced to deal with/go easy on BP since they are the only ones who have the technology to clean up their mess.

I've never been known for being practical. But no matter how I slice it, I can't help but fault Obama for enacting more of the change he promised. OK, so I'm a fool. I believed a campaign promise. Am I now being too hard on him? He did come into office facing this bizarre recession, 2 unpopular wars and did manage to take on health care reform, which he passed a crappy version of. So was it too much to ask to have him also root out the rampant corruption in the MMS, the meth and porn-using agency which failed to police the oil industry because it was staffed by former oil industry employees? While already in crisis mode, should he have been able to anticipate the disaster which led to the spill?

So am I just a disenchanted idealist or is Randi an Obama apologist? I just bear to hear anyone say "Imagine how McCain/Palin would have dealt with the spill" as a defense of Obama's response. Try soothing a dying pelican with that line of thinking. Or a fisherman out of work. Or a clean-up crew who will be fired by BP if they come to work wearing DONATED protective respiratory devices since that will demonstrate the clear health risks to workers and create a legal precedent which opens BP up to more lawsuits. And of course, the protecting BP must be our first priority. WHAT A MESS!