June 17, 2010



Critics claim that Obama's oil speech lacked concrete plans. But one specific he did mention is the creation of barrier islands or berms. No scientist has endorsed these. Some have claimed that they could actually make things worse. Yet Governor Jindal and Obama are holding this up as a solution. We don't need a solution which clearly doesn't work! I can't even imagine why anyone is calling for this? It costs millions and a hurricane or even rough weather could sweep it away in a month. I'm not a scientist but does a barrier made of sand in the water sound stable or effective to you?

This next segment is Rachel Maddow at her absolute best--expressing the outrage over the oil spill in a mock presidential address. So many of you have claimed that we need oil and it's our way of life. Well, that's like a junkie saying I need heroin--that's what addicts do! Every president since Nixon has claimed we reduce our dependency on oil. But we're not ready.


People say we are not ready– they’re right; we’re not ready. We also
weren’t ready to fight in WWII before Pearl Harbor happened. I no longer
say that we must get off oil. We will get off oil, and here’s
how. The United States Senate will pass an energy bill this year. The
Senate version of the bill will not expand offshore drilling. The
earlier targets in that bill for energy efficiency and for renewable
energy sources will be doubled or tripled.”

I beg you to watch her passionate plea to try and correct this situation. It's great that Obama got 20 billion out of BP for affected gulf workers, but I much prefer Rachel's stronger stance with specific battle plans. This is not an issue of left or right. It's an issue of protecting ourselves against another disaster of this magnitude from corporations and a government which clearly only pay lip service to our safety.