May 26, 2010



Individuals who eat a great deal of fiber usually have remnants of this indigestible material present in their stool: lettuce, celery strands, etc. Scat floss is a new oral hygene technique wherein one individual shits in another individual's mouth. The shitee chews on the warm, viscous shit and in the process has their teeth flossed by the fibrous strands contained within the massive, oozing load.


Caleb examined his mouth in the mirror, frustration oozing from every pore. "Great veal florentine, Delmonico," Caleb lisped to his effeminate lover, "but now I have these silly portabello mushrooms stuck between my teeth!"

Delmonico did not say a word. He merely stood up, brushed off his Prada jeans, and pranced quickly to Caleb's side. Delmonico placed a manicured hand on Caleb's girlish shoulder and pushed him into a kneeling position with the calm agression that a lioness uses to bathe her newborn cubs.

With wide, moist eyes like a majestic deer, Caleb opened his mouth wide, ready to accept Delmonico's spicy meat pole.

"Not this time, princess," said Delmonico with a Richard Simmons squeal.
"It's time for you to clean out your filthy little mouth!"

Delmonico quickly pulled down his jeans and Bill Blass silk bikini underwear. He placed his gaping, blown-out anus over Caleb's mouth and squeezed out a 9-inch long log that contained the remnants of yesterday's Nicoise salad.

As Caleb chewed and chomped with the delight of a squirell with a sunflower seed, Delmonico let Mr. Foofer, the couples' prized Shi Tzu, lick his dripping asshole clean.