May 26, 2010


ACT NOW OR THE INTERNET WILL NOT BE FREE. All kinds of sick plans are being hatched by huge companies to make sites which pay them to load more quickly, etc. This will effectively limit the time it takes for non-corporate sites to load and make real news more difficult to get. Please sign this petition if you like the internet the way it is. Or snooze and lose. This is neither a democratic nor republican issue.

Congress just sold you out to Comcast, Verizon and AT&T. 74 House Democrats and 37 Senate Republicans have signed industry-written letters telling the FCC to abandon efforts to protect Internet users and stop big companies from blocking Internet traffic. It’s yet another example of dirty politics destroying our democracy, and it has to stop.

Tell Washington: Congress Doesn’t Speak for Me

The nasty little secret that everybody knows? Almost every one of these representatives has accepted massive contributions from the phone and cable lobby. Now the industry is demanding a return on its investment. By signing the industry letter, these members of Congress have drastically undercut the FCC’s ability to get a fast, affordable and open Internet to everyone in America.

They are actually taking a position against the interests of rural and low-income communities. We aren’t going to let this outrageous and unethical behavior stand. Today, we’re asking hundreds of thousands of Americans to sign our own letter and telling Congress and the FCC that these members of Congress don’t speak for us, President Obama or the millions of other Americans who support a fast, open and affordable Internet. Don’t Let Dirty Politics Kill Fast, Open and Affordable Internet That so many members of Congress would intentionally sell out the public may be hard to imagine. Perhaps these representatives didn’t know what they were signing. Or perhaps this is just business as usual, another D.C. betrayal of the public trust. (Is it any wonder the latest Gallup public opinion poll counts a congressional disapproval rating of 73 percent?) These members of Congress acted on blind faith that phone and cable companies have the best interests of Americans in mind. But Comcast and AT&T can no better police themselves to protect the open Internet than BP can police itself to protect the oceans. We already know how that ends. The phone and cable companies must play by our rules before it’s too late. Congress can’t hand over the future of communications to these companies. The results would be disastrous. By taking action today, you’re telling Congress that these bad deeds won’t go unnoticed.