March 03, 2010


Have you ever wondered why there are so many commercials during news hours for big companies which don't have products you can always buy? Like manufacturers of plastics and the ad takes you to the plant where they are finding solutions to everything from plastic components of heart stents to cute kids' toys. I always ...think what are they selling here? A good vibe for the business to attract investors dumb enough to invest based on vibes?

Or oil companies whose products you can buy but their commercials are misleading. Like the BP commercial which interviews various regular-looking, even hippy-ish people who express their interest in finding alternative energy sources. Greener sources. Clean coal. Offshore driling, etc. And they wind it up with the slogan BP, Beyond Petroleum. Honey, BP stands for British Petroleum and they sell oil. They aren't out investigating solar panels and wind turbines.

Randi Rhodes, the brilliant and entertaining talk radio host broke it down yesterday. According to her, these companies flood news shows/channels with advertising dollars so that the news shows will be a lot less likely to bite the hand that feeds them and run unfavorable stories about these corporate giants. Like how we went to war in Iraq to steal their oil which we don't hear much about even from the more liberal news networks like CNN and MSNBC.

Randi is on air from 3-6 EST Mon-Fri on San Fran-based station which you can stream by clicking on the LISTEN LIVE button with her pic on it. She's the first talk show host I've ever made a point to tune into regularly and pump my fist in the air overjoyed to hear the truth. I can't recommend her show highly enough.