March 04, 2010


LADY BUNNY Tears Up The Stage As A Church Lady!

Renaissance gal Lady Bunny—she's a nightclub star, DJ, blog mistress and street-corner slut!—is now also a stage actress, garnering rave reviews for her role in the light-hearted topical comedy When Bobby Married Joey.

The play, which originated last year in Atlanta and recently opened in New York, follows the members of a screwball Dixie clan as they gamely go along with their gay son's wedding.

Bunny breezes into the picture as Charity Divine, the daffy and self-important wife of the local Baptist minister. And I must admit: She is a hoot!

In an exclusive interview, the busy thespian took time to dish with me about her theatrical pursuits!

LINDA SIMPSON: What are the similarities between you and Charity Divine, besides your XXL attire?

LADY BUNNY: I'm certainly not Christian—I'm often on my knees but I ain't exactly praying! I am ditsy like Charity, and we both have southern accents, but I exaggerate mine for the show. Charity's look is a more matronly version of my own look. She's older—like you, Linda—but definitely has a touch of glamour—unlike you, Linda.