March 25, 2010


Poll-ar Opposites

Today is a story of two polls—two polls that illustrate the two opposite poles occupied by the political parties. On the sane side of the spectrum, the first poll after the signing of healthcare reform shows that Americans think the passage of the reform bill is a good thing. Jim DeMint had predicted that healthcare reform was going to be Barack Obama’s Waterloo. If this is President Obama’s Waterloo, it’s in the sense of the song “Waterloo” by ABBA—it’s a big hit. A Gallup/USA Today poll shows 49 percent think the passage of the reform bill is “a good thing,” while only 40 percent think it’s a bad thing. Interestingly, not a single person responded to the poll about the health insurance reform bill by yelling “It’s a baby killer!”

Which brings us to the opposite pole, and a poll with some disturbing numbers. A new Harris poll shows just how crazy Republicans are. Even worse, it shows how crazy Republicans are willing to admit they are! Here’s just a sample of the insanity: 57 percent of Republicans think that Barack Obama is a Muslim. 67 percent of Republicans think he’s a socialist. Remember, you’re not dealing with the sharpest knives in the drawer here. Sure, 67 percent of Republicans think Obama is a socialist. But I bet almost that many would say yes if you asked them if Obama was a socialite. 38 percent say Obama is doing many of the things that Hitler did. The thing that Hitler did most effectively was to energize the ignorant racists in his country, and this poll shows that Obama is certainly doing that.