January 23, 2010


HIS IS INSANE! A 17-year old orthodox jewish kid is flying from NYC to Kentucky when he decides the strap "prayer boxes" to his arms and act so "disruptive" that the pilot landed in Philly. PLEASE! I don't have anything against jews--except the kind who force their wives to shave their heads and screw them through a h...ole in sheet. But whether muslim, catholic, jewish or whatever, can't you set your rituals aside for long enough to sit on a plane for two hours? I'm a damn drag queen but I always manage to resist the urge to throw a wig on my head, apply make-up and vogue up and down the friggin' cabin.



Reports started coming across the wire earlier this morning that a flight out of LaGuardia Airport was being diverted to Philadelphia due to a bomb scare involving a passenger "who has wires strapped to his head and fingers." Turns out, there wasn't really a bomb on board, instead the plane was diverted because "an orthodox Jewish male put on customary 'tefilin' (sic) straps for his morning prayers."