January 04, 2010


A BALLET CLASS! GAG! Here's note from Dirty!

Anyone who is feeling a little logy after the holiday sugar and treats madness should come and work out with me!!
I'm continuing my ballet for beginners class this week.

for burlesque and beyond!
Every Tues. night 6:30 to 8
440 Lafayette, NYC
Sign up here: http://www.schoolofburlesque.com/burlesqueballet.html

I started teaching this class through the School of Burlesque after being asked over and over where a girl could go to learn the basics of ballet in a comfortable environment. It made me mad that there are so many people out there that were never allowed to learn this life changing technique in their youth and no place to have a go as fully grown adult people. So here it is. The basics for you!! My goal for this class is to get my students to a place where they are comfortable going to an adult beginner class anywhere in the city with confidence. It's hard, but attainable and my students are improving every week!!! This class is open to absolutely everyone and we have a great time in a serious atmosphere! My students range from people without any previous dance experience to those who used to dance as children and haven't done it in a while and are looking to brush up. It will make you taller and more gorgeous and if you are a burlesque performer will help you to stand on one leg at 2am!

Bring ballet shoes or socks, comfortable stretchy clothing and your beautiful selves.
Come on down and DANCE!

Miss Dirty Martini
"Chairman of the broad"