December 31, 2009


Romanian Ravers Terrorise Villagers Villagers in the sleepy backwater town of Christinesti, Eastern Romania admitted they were absolutely terrified during one weekend in October 2004, when thoughtless revellers staged an open-air disco without warning the locals. The superstitious villagers reportedly mistook the rave’s flashing lights for alien spaceships and promptly evacuated their homes fearing imminent attack. “We believed we were seeing UFOs and some old legends from around here about clocks stopping, animals going crazy and a previous UFO landing in the area suddenly came to our minds,” Costel Roman explained. “We were so happy when we heard we had escaped an alien invasion,” he added (Ananova).

Also in Romania, Constantin Mocanu, 67, made an even worse error of judgment when, attempting to execute a noisy bird who had just woken him up, chopped off his own penis by mistake. “I confused it with the chicken’s neck. I cut it,” the Galati native admitted, “and then the dog rushed and ate it,” he added (Romania’s state news agency Rompres/ Reuters).

Mr Mocano’s nightmarish tale echoed the equally bizarre explanation of 33 year old chicken obsessed Cambodian Soun Ney who cut off his penis with a butcher’s knife earlier this year after dreaming that he was being pursued by ravenous demons. “Devils, I don’t have any chicken or duck for you,” Mr Soun Ney said he’d shouted as he battled with his imaginary foes. “If you want to eat anything, you can eat my penis.”