January 15, 2010


WANT HORSE COCK? NOW THERE'S A DILDO FOR YOU! Why it comes in green and frost I'll never know!

This toy truly has to be seen to be believed, the pictures didnt pick up near as much of his detail and texture as id have hoped. He has a beautiful flare and medial ring about 2/3 the way down the toy. He also has a "straw" on the tip as is natural for equines, which ive tried to add for years to my current line but couldn't, so working together we have designed a toy that is both useful and beautiful to look at. The texture changes from the tip to part way above the medial ring, and continues back to the base which looks like the sheath pulled back. This toy also has a suction cup base. Truly this would be the jewel in any animal toy collection.


The measurements are 2 1/2" across the flare, 7" from tip to base, 2.5" across near the medial ring, or just over 7" around at the same place.