December 04, 2009


LADY BUNNY is THE Hardest Working Drag Queen working today! We first met Bun Bun about 7-8 years ago when she brought a mini version of Wigstock to Chicago.

Since then our paths have crossed many times, in many different cities! New York, Fort Lauderdale, Toronto, Puerto Vallartra, and most recently in New Orleans for Decadence, where we caught up and chatted over carrots! and her Skyy Vodka Infusion Drink!

How does she seem to "do it all???"

I asked for a life in show biz--and I got it. Besides, they are all so sick of me in NYC that I am forced to go on the road practically every week! Sometimes I don't know how I keep up such a hectic pace, but it's a recession--you worry when that phone STOPS ringing, not when it rings.