September 24, 2009


In the latest of wine pairing City Winery continues the tradition of pairing wine with music with a very special night of Joni Mitchell songs performed live by John Kelly, each accompanied by a wine that we feel best suits the flavor and character of the music.

20 Songs, 20 Wines, $55.

About John Kelly:
Two-time Obie Award and recent Rome Prize winner John Kelly will perform a concert of 20 Joni Mitchell’s songs. Utilizing his countertenor voice to evoke Mitchell’s smoky soprano, this concert includes songs from the various periods of her career--and also calls on music from Kelly’s past four concerts of Joni’s work: “Shiny Hot Nights”, “Get Up And Jive”, “Paved Paradise Redux”, and “Songs For A Shiny Hot Night: Court And Spark”. But unlike those works, this is a “DRAG FREE” concert, and the first installment of “She Is Queen Undisputedly Of Mind Beauty (SIQUOMB): The Joni Mitchell Songbook”, an event with a more specific focus on the drama he finds--and brings to life--in her “simultaneously accessible and illusive contemporary art songs”. Kelly plays dulcimer and replicates Mitchell’s guitar style by way of her signature open tunings; Zecca Esquibel will be joining on Keyboard for this very special night of music and wine.

“As a kid growing up in New Jersey, I would put on my headphones and be swept into Joni’s world,” explains Kelly on his love for Mitchell’s music. “Hers is a world rich with wanderlust, emotion and innuendo. Her songs have the power to transport a lonely individual into another world. I suppose it was the words as much as the music. The combination of the two was, and remains powerful, beautiful and compelling.” The Boston Globe recently wrote, "No less a critic than Joni Mitchell herself has been surprised by the impact of Kelly's cabaret tribute. ‘I was braced for a lampooning,’ she told The New York Times after seeing "Paved Paradise" in Manhattan in 1997. ‘I didn't expect to be so touched. I cried in two places.’ Mitchell is now one of Kelly's biggest fans."