September 23, 2009


Shakira's music is not always my cup of tea, although I do like OBJECTION TANGO. For her new single, SHE WOLF, she's updated her sound to electro disco and while I hate the song, especially the chorus, it is undeniably catchy. And I'm really wowed by her choreography. Hardly the girl next door, Shakira dances like she knows she can fuck your brains out and is asking you "Can you handle it?".

I can't help but compare her to Madonna, since Madonna had one video with a jerky style choreography but Shakira is doing it with the skill of a break dancer popping and locking. Madonna also appeared in a leotard in her video for HUNG UP, but honey, Shakira knows how to work work-out gear! And that black jumpsuit with one whole ass cheek cut out! She's actually wearing less make-up than ever but looks quite pretty.