July 24, 2009


Drag Queens behaving badly - again!

Left: Tinch Right: Jackson

What is going on in Chicago's Drag Community?

First we had the debacle with Lady Vera Parker aka Thomas Flannagan allegedly defrauding people on Craigslist and now a drag queen beauty pageant contestant accused of beating a judge with a trophy.

Leroy Tinch of Evanston was arrested on July 6th after he competed in a Pageant at the 5th City Center on W Jackson Blvd.

Anthony Jackson, apparently an associate of Tinchs was not happy that a judge cast a vote for another contestant. Jackson allegedly beat the judge with a trophy and Tinch allegedly pulled a 'sharp object' and cut the judge above his eye and his hand.



Blogger Mitzi said...

Is she wearing a bobble hat?

8:46 AM  
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