June 06, 2009



JJK: How does Lady Bunny like to spend her NYC Pride? Where, in your opinion, are the best places to hit during Pride Week?

LB: I say run wild in the streets and pop into every bar along Christopher Street. Stonewall, the site of the original Stonewall Riots is still in business, so that’s worth a gander. It still draws a–shall we say?–colorful crowd. Unfortunately, for the last several years the police have blocked Christopher Street with police barricades so that you can’t actually walk on the street. Everyone is barricaded onto the sidewalks and it’s so crowded that it’s actually dangerous. Ideal for pickpockets, it could take you 5 minutes to walk 10 feet. It’s a real shame. If you’re hungry after marching, Cowgirl Hall of Fame on Hudson Street has divine Tex-Mex food but you’ll need a reservation for most nights.

JJK: What’s your favorite store?

LB: My fav shop is Earrings Plaza on 32nd and Broadway. Dirt cheap accessories! This is where those earring vendors you see on street corners go to buy their wares and just mark them up 300%. I say go to the source!