June 04, 2009



>> Oops! They did it again <<
Britney's crew fail fun-free test

The Britney Spears circus has moved to London.
The tightly-controlled ex-party girl won't
be having nearly so much fun on this tour.
All personnel who want to go backstage to
Brit's inner sanctum at the O2 have to
undergo a drugs test. More than one of
her dancers flew in from Amsterdam for the
start of the UK dates yesterday and failed the
drugs test. Cue hasty replacement rehearsals.

A recent dining companion of Kylie Minogue remarked
how much she's started to look like Joan Rivers.

>> The day of rockoning is coming <<
Michael Jackson keeps the world guessing

Only five weeks to go until the Michael Jackson
extravaganza supposedly hits London. The good
news is that rehearsals for the show are well
underway - we hear elephants are involved -
but the bad news is that, as we recently reported,
they're going ahead without the star of
the show's involvement. And even if Jacko is
only obliged to sing for 13 minutes each show,
you'd think he'd need some practice.
Particularly as we can't seem to find evidence
of him singing properly live since the HIStory
tour of 1997.

The concert promoters should be getting worried.
Jackson is setting up any number of excuses
in the media already (a doctor to say he has
skin cancer, AEG putting on too many shows etc)
and he's got a lot of history of this kind of
last minute cancellation thing. We wrote years
ago about the American gig that got pulled last
minute - Jackson sent a cheque to reimburse
each ticket-holder, knowing full well that only
a tiny minority would actually cash it so
he could end up quids in.

But more than O2 and the promoters, the group
really getting hot under the collar is the
secondary ticketing industry. Exchanges, touts
and hospitality have flourished in recent
years but there are fears that much of the
industry could be taken out if Jackson decides
to abandon his tour. As Lordi would say,
it would be an arockalypse.


Anonymous Dan Renzi said...

I was just thinking, "This is a REALLY good PopBitch week."

Let's plan a concert and then cancel it so we can keep the money. I'll be your backup dancer.

8:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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