May 20, 2009


The Republicans are howling over Nancy Pelosi's supposed "lie" that she was briefed on torture. Jessie Ventura actually breaks this down to the ladies of The View quite well, making the important point that even if she did lie, the larger issue is DID WE USE TORTURE? Not, OOH, SHE KNEW ABOUT IT AND LIED. Pelosi is actually calling for the release of the records to vindicate herself, and now other evidence suggests that the CIA isn't terribly organized or truthful with their own records at the time. Obama is too popular for the Republicans to attack, so they are swooping down on Pelosi. After all the lies the previous administration told, the Pelosi lie, if it even occured, wouldn't even have the life that this story has had in the mainstream media if the mainstream media wasn't so conservative. I never thought I'd say I was glad that The View exists. I even like Sherrie Shepard's fall!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's the perfect mindless republican.

7:13 PM  

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