April 17, 2009



Vietnamese authorities announced plans to ban dancing at karaoke clubs this week in a move to reduce ecstasy use.

“Ecstasy always goes with wine and music so if the state doesn’t ban dancing, karaoke establishments will be misused. So we suggested not dancing at karaoke establishments,” Culture, Sports and Tourism minister Mr. Le Anh Tuyen told official government website VNExpress news.

“The concept of dancing is very large,” he added, “Depending on the situation, inspectors will decide who violates the rules and at what level. If someone dances to soft music and doesn’t drink wine, doesn’t scream, the punishment will be gentle.”

Describing karaoke singing as 'a cultural activity always latent with social evils' Mr. Le Anh Tuyen also suggested ‘if someone wants to dance, go to discotheques’ adding that discos in luxury hotels are to have closing hours extended from midnight to 2am. Expat party promoters Dan Dockery and Giles Cooper were distinctly unimpressed.

“Hopefully these new regulations might bring some changes to the pitiful nightlife scene here, but, er, I bloody doubt it,” said Dan.

“As for hotel bars and clubs, most feature dreadful DJs grinning relentlessly whilst spinning ‘Pump Up the Jam’ for the fourth time and have crap atmospheres. Drinks are usually expensive and the clientele generally consist of more than a few scarlet ladies and their short-term contractors for the night. Nice. Pump it up, pump it up,” he laughed.

“What a fucking joke,” Giles chipped in. “A law prohibiting dancing- good fucking lord. I have a feeling sense will prevail and that won't make the cut in the final law. By all mean ban drugs and ban prostitution, no problem . . but no dancing?!”


Blogger Star Queen said...

and while we're at it why don't we just ban drinking too, oh wait, we already tried that once. so does this mean that we're about to see an explosion of secret karaoke dance bars? dance easies?

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