January 16, 2009



British scientist Rupert Till revealed this week that Stonehenge is actually a purpose built outdoor rave arena, where ancient Britains threw massive parties and dance to samba and organic trance.

The sound expert examined the acoustic qualities of the stones as they were 5,000 years ago and discovered they reflected sound perfectly, making the circle ‘ideal for repetitive trance rhythms’, said the Discovery Channel.

"Echoes in the space indicate that there might have been rhythmic music played,” Till told reporters.

"This would be at a tempo of about 160 beats per minute, a fast tempo,” he noted.

“It is interesting that this is the tempo of fast trance music, of samba; It is at the top of the range of musical tempos. It is also at the top end of the range of the human heartbeat, the same as the heart might beat if you were doing really vigorous exercise, or dancing really energetically," he added.

Leading British archeologist Aaron Watson previously examined the stone circle’s acoustics and discovered that its builders appeared to be experts at directing sound.

“Almost all of the stones at Stonehenge have been artificially shaped. It was noted during the research that the inner surfaces of many stones were dressed to be either flat or concave. This is not visually striking, but could improve the ability of these stones to reflect sound,” he said in a University of Manchester report.

“In contrast, the outward facing surfaces of the same stones are irregular or even convex. The enormous effort invested in dressing sarsens and bluestones into these subtle and barely visible shapes is difficult to explain, but it might suggest that the builders of the monument knew how to emphasise the movement of sound,” he said.



No Sex Breakfast Club

Japanese teenagers who eat breakfast lose their virginity over 18 months later than those who skip it, according to a new study of 3,000 people.

“Those unhappy with their parents - such as for not preparing breakfast - may tend to find a way to release their frustration by having sex,” research chief Kunio Kitamura, head of the Japan Family Planning Association, speculated, “If children don't feel comfortable in their family environment, they tend to go out,' he noted (AFP).

The study also revealed that 40% of Japanese married couples hadn’t had sex for over a month with many finding sex ‘to be a pain’.

Blue Jeans Evil- Official

Clerics from the Darul Uloom seminary in Deoband, India branded jeans ‘unislamic’ this week issuing a fatwa against the wearing of denim for both men and women.

“The physical structure (curves) of the body is reflected if one puts on a jeans,” the fatwa reportedly decreed, “Wearing them by a woman is a sin. It is barred for men as well. Women, who want to look as men, are cursed”, the decreee added. (Deccan Herald/ Times)

Daily Telegraph fashion expert Celia Walden, meanwhile, suggested the West’s escalating economic meltdown heralds the death of casualwear, with desperate jobseekers instead opting for suit and tie uniformity,

“During the depression of the Thirties, there was such competition for jobs that people dressed to be taken seriously,” London College of Fashion chief Brenda Polan told the Telegraph.

“Serious people wore dark suits and white shirts, and women adopted a feminised version of the male business suit so that no one would think them flighty,” she added.


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