January 05, 2009


OK, so I'm vain enough to have a Google alert on my name. But what often comes up is an entree into the bizarre world of dolls, specifically rabbit dolls standing upright and wearing "fancy" women's attire. To many, that's what a Lady Bunny is. Though I was a dedicated fan of human dolls as a child, I now find this obsession quite preposterous, especially when the dolls, like Laura, come with an elaborate back story. Hey, to each her own. The maker of this doll might well ridicule the stylings of this ol' pig in a wig! But am I totally off or is this doll just flat out ugly, disheveled, and poorly dressed with wiry whiskers? Wait! Laura stole my look! I'm gonna sue!

SHE'S GETTING ANXIOUS! "Laura, The Quintessential Lady Bunny!" was pacing around the house and couldn't wait for her husband, "Devin, A Bunny Gentleman", to get home.

You see, she was quite beside herself. She just couldn't understand what they hadn't received their invitation to join the "Victorian Animals Tea Society" that was started by "Bearly Victorian, Ryan" and his wife, "Bearly Victorian, Deb!" for all their wonderful Victorian animal friends.


After getting rejected for the umpteenth time from the latest Victorian tea society that he had applied to "Barely Victorian, Ryan!" decided that he and his wife should start their own club.

Their club would truly have an open membership and be accepting of all individuals and creatures. None of this "open to all", but really closed to animals rules. So what if Ryan and Deb were bears. They were still Victorian to the core. In fact, their lineage was probably older than some of the snooty Victorians who turned down their membership application.

Laura and Devin were not only "animals, but "old money" animals which meant they were the creme de la creme of the Victorian animal establishment. They were definitely eligible to join the "Victorian Animals Tea Society." So, why hadn't they received an invitation yet?

(BUNNY NOTE: This part below demonstrates that perhaps there are a few similarities between Laura and myself!)

"Laura, The Quintessential Lady Bunny!" is quite the epitome of a fashionable lady of society and has been for a very long time. Despite her 70+ years she is still the creme de la creme of society. So, where is her invitation? When will her husband get home?

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It looks like Nelly Olsen from Little House On The Prairy.

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