January 03, 2009


If you're in NY or anywhere close, you have only a few more days to catch Patti Lupone in GYPSY. She sizzles! The whole production is perfectly cast--not one bad performance in the show. I'd heard that the show was somewhat minimal, which disappointed me because I get so tired of Shakespeare plays done as if they were in the 1940's, etc. Just do it as it was written if it's worth doing! But though the sets were somewhat minimal, the amount of talent on that stage lit filled it completely. I certainly didn't spend a second thinking about what was missing from the sets! The aging strippers' performance of YOU GOTTA GET A GIMMICK was worth the price of admission on it's own. And I must single out the child actress who played Baby June--she really milked every ounce of cheese out of her musical numbers (which are supposed to be awful) and ended each one with an expression so perky that it bordered on mentally ill! And a split!

I went with Lypsinka, who's a friend of Patti and she graciously upgraded our seats AND we got to meet the show business legend in her dressing room after the show. She didn't want to be photographed since her Mama Rose wig had rumpled her own hair--I know the feeling, honey!--but in truth it was super gracious of her to see us anyway. Because it's such a song-heavy show, she must conserve her vocal chords and Lyp told me that she couldn't talk all day throughout the run, communicating only via email. Her sacrifice is well worth it. The bitch got a standing ovation even before the show was finished! I'm a new fan.


I am not a fan of most musicals since I'm not keen on most showtunes. But OLIVER, WEST SIDE STORY, GREASE and GYPSY are a different story because of their fantastic scores. And to hear songs like HAVE AN EGGROLL, MR. GOLDSTONE and ROSE'S TURN sung by Patti with a cracking full orchestra simply can't be beat. I almost went to see Bernadette Peters as Mama Rose a few years ago, but Rose is a broad, so even though I like Bernadette Peters who never seems to age, I just couldn't imagine a squeaky-voiced kewpie doll as the star of GYPSY. Apparently, the deservedly protective writer felt the same way and wanted to see his show done right after being underwhelmed by the production with Bernadette. He even allowed this cast to throw in a few bits which were improvised during rehearsals.

GYPSY closes on 1/11 and Next, the gay magazine, has tickets for half-priced tickets--ours were a thrifty $59 each. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Besides, where else could you get a sick,bedazzled "Momma, I'm a pretty girl" t-shirt?