January 03, 2009


Bun-Bun is featured on the cover of this month's AMBIENTE, a magazine for gay latino and latinas. Check out the in-depth interview--they really dug up some skeletons, including my real name and age! Here's a sample:

Born in 1962 as Jon Ingle in Chattanooga,
Tennessee, Lady Bunny has lived and
performed in New York City since the 1980s,
and big hair everywhere hasn't been the same.

She is the founder and emcee of the annual
Wigstock event where 40,000 New Yorkers
flocked every Labor Day for nearly 20 years to
watch big performances, big celebrities and
big hair.

Lady Bunny has released several disco singles
such as "Shame, Shame, Shame!" and "The
Pussycat Song." She has appeared in films such
as Wigstock: The Movie, Peoria Babylon, and
To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie
Newmar. In 2005 she was a roaster on Comedy
Central’s roast of Pamela Anderson and
released her first DVD, Rated X for X-tra

Ambiente sits down with The first Lady of Bunny
for a chat & some words of wisdom:

HS- Lady Bunny, you are very well-known as a
nightclub DJ, promoter, singer, celebrity,
activist, icon and Diva. Which do you most identify with and why?

LB- I definitely think of myself first and foremost as a slut. And you latino guys are my favorite!

HS- Most recently you have teamed up with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and
are currently featured in an ad campaign against KFC and their treatment of the chickens. How did
this come about?

LB- Dan Matthews, PETA’s campaign director, approached me in the 80’s to put on a show called Fur
Its A Drag, in which drag queens modelled blood-stained furs (which had been donated to PETA)
while I read out the methods by which the different animals were killed. For example, beavers are
killed for their fur by anal electrocution. Now I know that some of you kinky guys might get excited by
that, but it’s deadly. We put on Fur Is A Drag in NYC, Miami, Paris, London and Rome. By that time
Dan and I had become fast friends. If you've read his book COMMITTED, you’d know how hilarious he
is. And good-looking. As they say, opposites attract!


In December, this window in a magazine shop caught my eye.

A photography magazine called LID featured different "models" on it's December issue and I found myself in very good company, with other covers going to Edie Sedgewick, Debbie Harry, Andy Warhol, Joe D'Allessandro and Veruschka!

The portrait was taken years ago by David Croland as the basis for a book called DRAG DOLLS, which made paper dolls out of NYC scene queens. I certainly wasn't expecting them to turn up on the cover of anything. Ah, when I was young enough to pull off petulant poses. Miss Guy, who in addition to dj'ing and fronting bands has also worked as a professional make-up artist, finally persuaded me not to wear dark lips ever and to stop drawing on that I LOVE LUCY upper lip with the wide space in the middle. It does give me an odd touch of a sneer, but I love the wig.

More pics inside:

Here's Mistress Formika in a long gone incarnation--she mainly promotes as a boy now.

And Hedda in a somber, but seductive turban, which she's now replaced with large blonde do's.

Other queens included were Sherry Vine, Joey Arias, Raven O and Richie Rich.


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