January 21, 2009


M. A. C Cosmetics has teamed up with Dame Edna (comedian Barry Humphries' blue-haired alter ego) for a limited-edition makeup collection: Mauve compacts are embossed with the Dame's trademark red spectacles and contain products such as What a Dame highlight powder and Royal Tour eyeshadow. Not to be outdone, former M. A. C collaborator RuPaul is back in the spotlight with the new reality series RuPaul's Drag Race (it debuts next month), and Lady Bunny, arguably New York's premiere drag queen, made a surprise appearance at a recent Shiseido makeup event in New York for the new lipstick range by celebrity makeup artist Dick Page. Dave Lackie was there and asked Lady Bunny to spill a few beauty secrets.

On picking just the right shade of her signature bright orange lipstick

"Women with thin lips should never wear dark colours. It makes them look like grim snapping turtles. I myself have always loved orange lips, but it was always so hard to get the right shade -- I used to have to mix lipsticks. Now I stick with Shiseido's Day Lily."

On keeping fit

"I spend an hour on the treadmill each day. Sometimes I turn it on for the last five minutes. I've even been known to place a cheeseburger on the console to keep myself motivated."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot about that busted queen, Fergie. She's the face of Viva Glam, again.

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