November 10, 2008


I see I'm not the only one who was horrified by Lady Elaine Fairchilde--the excuse for Mr. Rogers to do a disturbingly shrill drag voice. And this video homage has a brilliant soundtrack for the Lady. Why did they make her nose so dark?

FROM YOUTUBE: I was both terrified and mesmerized by what the hell Lady Elaine Fairchilde was in Mr.Rogers Neighbourhood. She's called a Lady, but looks like a man, and her nose is like a sausage. No doubt originally inspired by the classic Punch and Judy. Lady Elaine is perhaps the worlds first televised Transgendered Puppet...sometimes I still have night sweats!


AND IN THIS CLIP, LADY ELAINE OPENS A DANCE STUDIO! If you can't stand to watch this whole clip, Lady Elaine makes a brief appearance from about 1:45, nd she's dismissive of men, with a somewhat wooden delivery. But if you can stand it, Mr. Rogers then intro's some "fancy fish" and the music is not to be believed throughout. Mr. Rogers then utters the idiotic lines "Some fish look fancier on the outside than others--like some people. But you know and I know that everybody's fancy in one way or another." This leads to a song so horrid that I'm adding it to my act! I defy you to watch the entire clip!


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