November 18, 2008


REAVIS EITEL sent me this pic, and I thought you'd "enjoy" it. It does remind me of my Craig's List encounters last night!

Speaking of Craig's List, there is some sick new "social networking" site called I'm not really sure what it was all about, but after several invitations, I gave in and joined. It's largely horny arabic men from Kuwait, Jordan, Morocco or even the sexy North African guys mixed with friends who live in France and who responsible for those uprisings a few years ago. I LOVE this picture on one of my "contacts" pages--a rare glimpse into a totally straight world of an all male picnic from some french park. Watermelon, bottled water and baguettes? Or are those arms? Or some sort of pork shoulder? This pic is so freaky that it reminds me of scene from LORD OF THE FLIES. I love the GQ-faced one chomping in the middle.

Also on Reavis' entertaining blog, this youtube video of Gloria Swanson describing her famous lion scene--I just saw this nut on AIRPORT 1975 which also featured Myrna Loy!