November 18, 2008


Hitchens is for the war in Iraq, so we obviously have some differences in opinion. But not on this score--in my mind Hillary is the wrong choice for this job and I'm in complete agreement with Hitchens. There may eben be trouble with vetting her because of her husband's shady post-White House financial dealings and questionable pardons.

Hopefully, Barack is doing something which I just can't understand. I'm also am baffled by his meeting with John McCain. What could be the point? Though McCain has foreign policy experience, the dunce was claiming during the campaign that the "surge" was working. Working in what way? Plus, Barack questioned McCain's erratic temperament, which was plainly demonstrated on the erratic day he cancelled Letterman, lied about going to D.C. in order to tape Katie Couric's show, and then showed up at the bail-out meeting without even reading the economic dossier and saying next to nothing at the meeting. I wouldn't seek counsel from that troll. The one who claimed the economy was fundamentally weeks before the crash sound and selected moron Sarah Palin as his running mate? What judgement could O possibly be seeking from McCain? Was their 45 minute chat simply a photo op to associate Obama with more established politicians?? Screw William Ayres! As far as I'm concerned, Obama really is palling round with terorists if he's setting up meetings with the idiot who claimed that we might need tostay in Iraq for 100 years.


Christopher Hitchens appeared on "Hardball" Monday night and voiced his strong opposition to Hillary Clinton being named Secretary of State.

Appearing with Peter Beinart of Time, who is for Clinton's appointment, Hitchens said, "This is the woman who played the race card on Obama... This is the woman whose foreign policy experience consists of making a fool of herself and fabricating a story about Bosnia."

He also brought up the Clintons' overseas fundraising connections and called the idea of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State a "ludicrous embarrassment."

A longtime critic of the Clintons, Hitchens wrote the 2000 book "No One Left To Lie To: The Values of the Worst Family."