November 12, 2008


I wretched to hear Bush speaking in front of veterans yesterday saying that what he would miss most about his job was being commander-in-chief to the "fabulous" group if men and women who served in the military.


Ok, so you now know that "fabulous", the most overused word in the gay vocabulary in decades, is officially over. Go with fierce, ovah, or anything else, cuz when your lingo has trickled down to a stupid republican cowboy president from Texas, there ain't nothing fab about the word's usage and you are beyond tired for using it. Got it, girls?

But what will he miss about commanding the fabulous troops? Sending them on fabulous flights to fabulous exotic locations to die fabulous heroic deaths without even fabulously appropriate body armor or equipment? And never even allowing our TV news to honor their sacrifice by showing their fabulous corpses? Or welcoming them home with fabulous injuries or and fabulous mental disorders and admitting them to fabulously moldy and shoddy hospitals like the Walter Reade Hospital which was the subject of that shockingly fabu scandal a few years ago. But not for too long, because the fabulous warriors are lucky enough to be re-deployed more often and for longer deployments than any other bnch of troops even though around 80% of the country wants out of this war. But Bush will miss sending you to your fabulous deaths for nothing. If you do make it back in one fabulous piece, he'll cut your benefits while bleating 'Support the troops!"

This man is a monster.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Along with "fabulous" let's retire air quotes, since John McCain loves to use them so much.

8:51 PM  

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