October 16, 2008


You can sign up for this english pop culture newsletter at POPBITCH.COM. Here's a juicy tidbit from the latest issue.

Perfume ad unlikely to make screens

People buy perfume for the fundamental reason
that they think smelling nice will get them a
shag. Perfume advertising reflects that but
tries to get creative about it. Rive Gauche
perfume recently showed an experimental advert
to some very important Parisian perfume
retailers. The advert cuts to a boy in his
bed talking on the phone to a girl. They're
obviously having phone sex, and it looks
as if she uses the long, round perfume bottle
to pleasure herself. So far, so arty. Then
the boy gets up, sprays on some Rive Gauche
and walks out of his bedroom down a corridor,
past some family pictures. At that point you
realise the girl from the phone sex was...
his sister.


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