October 15, 2008


I am in Thailand and it's a gorgeous, sunny day. But I'm glued to the TV waiting to watch the presidential debate. Although Obama was not my pick for the democratic nominee, he's the clear choice now and I'm a strong supporter. What I love is that McCain's recent attacks on Obama have raised the republican candidate's negatives, and his crazy flip-flopping on the poor economy (which his crew helped to create) haven't inspired trust that he can shepherd us out of the crisis. In other words, he's now viewed as too mean and too dumb to get votes! And after seeing republican strategists reverse the truth on John Kerry in the last election and make him, a decorated war hero, look weak on defense as opposed to Bush, a coke-snorting party boy who didn't even show up for service so that he wouldn't be tested for drugs, I am thrilled that a masterful Obama has turned the tables on the republicans--now this junior senator is seen as the older, steadier, more knowledgeable statesman (while still an agent of change) while McCain has played directly into his hands by acting erratic and admitting his own ignorance of the economy.

McCain's just started with a shout-out to old sour-puss Nancy Reagan! Talk about out of touch! The old fool is ambling and is probably to scared to even gets nasty as he wants to (or the republican party wants him to be). Good luck, Barack! I hope that among good ol' boys, McCain will always be remembered as the flop who was so pitiful that he couldn't even win against a black man ON ECONOMICS! McCain won't even be able to get a speaking gig at a KKK meeting. Good thing his wife is rich!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just curious:
who did you support initially for the dem's nominee?

cheers, i wanna be in thailand too right now!!!

8:53 PM  
Blogger Lady Bunny said...

Dennis Kucinich! The one who wanted immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq (with international peacekeeping troops) and gay marriage nationwide. --LB

9:06 PM  

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