October 23, 2008


Across the country, people are picking up the phone, usually in the evening, and hearing a recorded voice recite vile smears about Barack Obama. The voice could be Rudy Giuliani's, or Sarah Palin's, or someone anonymous, but the pattern is the same: overheated rhetoric spreading distortions and lies designed to whip up fear or anger at Barack Obama.

The calls are so bad, even some Republicans have come out against them. Republican Senator Gordon Smith's spokesman said, "Senator Smith does not condone these sort of calls."

Susan Collins "urges the McCain campaign to stop these calls immediately." Even Norm Coleman in Minnesota has distanced himself from the calls.

It's time we get all Senators and House members on record about these calls. Follow this link to listen to a couple of these calls, and then fax or call your elected officials and urge them to condemn the McCain-Palin robocalls:


We've been working hard at TruthFightsBack.com to highlight these types of political tactics. We need to make these tactics unacceptable, make it politically painful to run these types of smear campaigns.

Our country deserves better than the slash-n-burn politics of the past. So fax or call your Senators and your Representative in the House and ask them to come out against these calls.


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