October 30, 2008


Apparently, a blogger has decided that Beyonce's new video, SINGLE LADIES, features a tranny dancer who may also be the video's choreographer. "She" looks pretty good to me, though there is a broader rib cage in motion. But they are dancing their asses off and if you can stand up next to Beyonce the fox and look halfway decent you're doing alright in the looks department. And I give Beyonce or her people credit for including "her"--it's a risky move in the homophobic hip-hop community. Maybe with Isis on America's Next Top Model, our attitudes are actually starting to become more accepting of transsexuals--as long as they look good, that is. Now I just wish Beyonce would put out some better music. SINGLE LADIES is one of her worst songs to date.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that the song "single ladies" is a great song. If you can't take the heat than stay out of the kitchen. Beyonce is a great performer and songwriter. Don't hate on Beyonce because she's "irreplacible" in everything she does. I guess you need to get on her level because your lacking a man that will be willing to put a ring on your finger. Her song tells women that they are worth something and the man cant get the milk for free. If he wants it, he has to put a ring on it!!!! Get with the program or get lost. Just don't hate on my girl because she's a great role model for women.

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that dancer is not a tranny... fyi

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your right the dancer isnt a tranny.. she just use to be a man!!

:-) :::

12:18 PM  

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